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Anonymous says: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That bitch got O.W.N.E.D. I love Xenia so much, her replies are always epic!

Haha, they always get owned! ;D

blackmetalmistress says: Your anonymous posts are childish as fuck.

Aren’t they? They all must live pretty boring lives!

Anonymous says: what does someones age have to do with calling you a 'ghoul' ?????

Because not many adults use the word. It’s a word used by 14 year olds going through a Wednesday 13 phase…

Anonymous says: you're not even that hot though, bless your riled up misstress though ;]

Lol, did I say I was?
She’s not even riled up, it’s just annoying getting such childish anons all the time.
Learn how to spell ‘Mistress’, too.

Anonymous says: ur gf is a bit of a dick tbh.


Anonymous says: Leave your girl babe ;) I need a hot ghoul like you in my life! She doesn't deserve you x13x



Fuck sake. Not this shit again…

I am his WOMAN, his LADY , his EVERYTHING.
Everything and anything, but hardly a fucking ‘girl’.

Girls send messages like this.
Females that have not yet grown up enough to RESPECT that a MAN is in a perfect relationship with his WOMAN.
Fuck off with your ‘Ghoul’ shite too, what are you? Fucking fourteen?

And as we’re on the subject of who deserves what, you don’t deserve anybody remotely like him, if anyone of that caliber even exists!
Enjoy being behind your computer screen and getting jealous over the tit bits that we happen to post online.


And this is why I love this ‘girl’. It’s ok when I say it ;D


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